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Summertime, and the working is easy

I have hit a quiet spot in my workflow. Waiting for a new project from a regular client, waiting on a new client to decide on a project, waiting on several payments. Waiting, waiting, waiting….

So, I divide my time between family and drumming up new business.

I join discussions on LinkedIn.

I update my running list of books I’ve edited (over 85 titles now!).

I plan Hallowe’en costumes for four, including Tudor, Regency, and Japanese items.

I send out cold e-mails to possible clients in my niche.

I search out my cat who is not supposed to go outside but yet was found in the backyard this morning.

I teach my kids about what the Hopi ate, wore, and lived in.

I tweet.

I welcome new members to the EFA board of directors.

I finish up a crocheted bag for my daughter, and supervise her knitting.

I check job boards.

I send off editing tests.

Welcome, summer!


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