Clients and Projects

Editing and proofreading clients include:
Berghahn Books
University of Colorado Press
Taylor & Francis
Prometheus Press/Humanity Books
Left Coast Press
American Institutes for Research

A Sampling of Subject Areas and Titles:


      • Studia Neophilologica journal


      • Berlin Divided City, 1945–1989
      • Empire, Colony, Genocide: Conquest and Subaltern Resistance in World History
      • Conquest, Tribute, and Trade: The Quest for Precious Metals and the Birth of Globalization
      • On the Field of Mercy: Women Medical Volunteers in American Wars
      • Lynching in North Carolina: A History, 1865-1941


      • Writing Dark Travel
      • Envisioning Eden: Mobilizing Imaginaries in Tourism and Beyond
      • Religion, Politics, and Globalization: Anthropological Approaches
      • Social Security in Religious Networks: Anthropological Perspectives on New Risks and Ambivalences
      • Anthropology and Climate Change: From Encounters to Actions


      • Practicing the Faith: The Ritual Life of Pentecostal-Charismatic Christians
      • Sources of the Jesus Tradition: Separating History from Myth
      • Inerrant the Wind: The Evangelical Crisis of Biblical Authority
      • Beyond God: Evolution and the Future of Religion
      • Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies


      • My Brain Made Me Do It: The Rise of Neuroscience and the Threat to Moral Responsibility
      • The Image of a Second Sun: Plato on Poetry, Rhetoric, and the Techne of Mimesis
      • Contemporary Ethical Issues: A Personalistic Perspective
      • Goethe’s Theory of Knowledge
      • God and Metaphysics


      • Reproducing Class: Education, Neoliberalism, and the Rise of the New Middle Class in Istanbul
      • Voices of Leadership: A Longitudinal Study of the Impact of Leadership Education
      • Education as Preventive Medicine
      • Education and Gendered Citizenship in Pakistan


      • Forging Political Identity: Silk and Metal Workers in Lyon, France 1900–1939
      • Biopolitics, Militarism, and Development: Eritrea in the Twenty-First Century
      • Gender Politics in the Expanding European Union
      • Reviving the Left: The Need to Restore Liberal Values in America


      • Human Diet and Nutrition in Biocultural Perspective: Past Meets Present
      • Assisting Reproduction, Testing Genes: Global Encounters with New Biotechnologies
      • N. R. Hanson: Observation, Discovery, and Scientific Change
      • Smallpox: The Death of a Disease
      • The Universe: Order without Design


      • Myth and Modernity: Barlach’s Drawings on the Nibelungen
      • The Assimilationist Impulse in Four African American Narratives
      • Banned in Berlin: Literary Censorship in Imperial Germany, 1871–1918
      • Embodiments of Power: Building Baroque Cities in Europe
      • Between Tradition and Modernity: Aby Warburg and Art in Hamburg’s Public Realm, 1896–1918


  • Celebrating Whittier: New England’s Quaker Poet and Abolitionist
  • A Journey through Time: Biographical Rhythms
  • Practicing Public Diplomacy: A Cold War Odyssey